Hugos Plan

What is Hugos Plan?

The Hugos Plan offers persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families a formal and comprehensive plan of lifetime advocacy designed both to secure appropriate services throughout the individual’s life and to provide consistent follow-up with the individual and service providers.

The Hugos Plan is designed to meet the needs of the individual by utilizing all available community resources. A flexible individual Plan of Service (POS) is developed, based on the needs and wishes of the participant and his/her family, and will be used to determine necessary supports and services.

For more information, please contact Richard Scarsella by emailing or calling  586-469-1600 ext. 107.

The Hugos Plan exists to provide a sense of security to parents and families when they become disabled or are otherwise unable to handle their own affairs or those of their family member with an intellectual or developmental disability. When a parent of an individual has passed away, the Hugos Plan will cooperate with remaining family members and others in a consultative capacity to ensure ongoing and consistent support of and advocacy for the son or daughter left behind.

To enroll in The Hugos Plan, the parents(s) of the participant must join The Arc of Macomb County. The ongoing work of The Arc is vital to the continued strength of the Hugos Plan.  The cost for enrollment and continuing Hugos Plan services will be agreed upon in the POS. Families are encouraged to remember The Hugos Plan in their estate planning.