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17 weeks to win!
You have a new chance to win $400 in each of the 17 weeks of the pro football season.
Add up your teams’ points…
Winners are based on the total combined points scored by your teams.
Win up to $400 each week!
You win if your teams have the most or fewest total combined points that week.
FootballMania 17 Week Edition is an exciting and engaging sweepstakes that gives participants a chance to win prize money during each of the 17 weeks of the professional football season. Your sweepstakes game card contains 3 random teams in each week of the FootballMania season – a different set of teams each week. No two game cards have the same 3 teams in any given week. For more information, view a sample game card or watch our short video overview.

Winning game cards are determined based on the points scored by the football teams assigned to it. If two game cards have the same score, the total yards gained by the 3 teams is used as a tiebreaker. The 8 highest scoring game cards and the 3 lowest scoring game cards each week win prize money! Read more about bye weeks in the official rules.