Hugos Plan

The Hugos Plan can assist families/guardians with planning the long-term care of their loved-one with a disability. The following describes a partial listing of the plan’s services:

Maintain contact with extended family members.
Provide coordination of care for individuals.
Monitor medical and dental concerns.
Attend Person-Centered Planning (PCP) meetings.
Mediate issues with service providers.
Monitor support programs such as Medicaid, Adult Home Help services, Food Assistance, and Social Security.

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At some point, caregivers must prepare for the time when they themselves can no longer actively advocate on behalf of their loved one with a disability. Family members providing support may pass away or be in need of care themselves. More simply, a change in marital status, job transfer, or an opportunity to travel could impact the ability to provide care.

Recognizing the level of stress experienced by family members when planning for the future, The Arc of Macomb County, Inc. (The Arc) created The Hugos Plan.

The Hugos Plan is an individualized agreement between The Arc and parents/guardians of a loved one. The plan makes sure that every person and/or agency providing service on behalf of the loved one with a disability is in place and executing their assigned roles. The family of the loved one decides how frequently to engage the services of The Arc to fulfill the guidelines of The Hugos Plan. The plan is crafted specifically to the needs of the individual, as developed by the individual and their family with Arc staff.